Play Gyms Are Meant For Entertaining Babies. They Also Aid In Mental And Physical Development Of The Baby. It Is Generally Made Up Of A Mat, Canopy, An Inflatable Ring Or Poles And Several Hanging Toys. The Hanging Toys Inside The Play Gym Can Be Lowered For The Baby To Reach Upwards And Play With Them. There Can Be A Wide Variety Of Toys That Can Be Hung On The Gym Ring Like Squeakers, Mirrors, Flashing Lights, Iridescent Bees, Crinkle Butterflies And Other Fun Characters Play Gyms Are Usually Washable And Easy To Maintain. They Can Be Easily Folded And Carried Along While Travelling. Since The Play Gym Is Made Of Soft Stuffed Material, Babies Can Safely Play In It. The Soft Mat Under The Play Gym Protects The Baby, If It Falls, From Getting Injured In Any Way. As The Baby Observes And Plays With The Hanging Toys In The Play Gym, Her Eye-coordination Improves. Some Hanging Toys Might Even Emit Sounds Which In Turn Improves The Sound And Musical Awareness Of The Baby.

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