(Spare Parts) Zeta Vooom Wheels - FRONT SET - GREY x4 Stroller Pushchair Buggy


A simple procedure for the handy man! Use protective wear before starting the procedure. 1. Remove the wheel caps. 2. Use a screw driver to remove the cap& the star fitting. 3. Remove the old wheels. 4. Clean the axle & lubricate it 5. Place the new wheels, follow procedure the same way as when you removed them, so place the washers in between the chassis and the brakes, please take a look at the other wheels also (this may help) 6. Fit the stars using a spanner & hammer do this gently as if overdone may not allow the wheel to spin freely 7. place the wheels caps and you to go. Advice: While you are at it clean the suspension and lubricate it, check the brakes clean them and lubricate them also, check the front wheels remove them and clean/lubricate them also, final check to your chassis and you are ready to go you have simply completed a maintenance procedure.
  • ZeTA® Stroller Wheels, essential spare parts. Set of rear wheels x4 + fittings
  • DIY Knowledge required to change the wheels! A simple procedure for the handy man!
  • Safety first! Use care while making changes to your stroller
  • Always wear protective gloves & protective eye glasses!
  • Understand how the product works before making changes!