Buggy Pram Board (Universal) Fits iSafe Pram System Mea Lux


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Buggy Pram Board (Universal) Fits iSafe Pram System
  • Superior Step On Stroller Board, Fits On iSafe Pram System
  • Fully Configurable Universal To Fit On Almost Every Stroller Available.
  • Brand New And Boxed
  • Easy Fit And Detach With The All New High Quality, Suspension, Adjustable And Reversible Arms, Reversible Fittings. Simply Fantastic!
  • Superb Quality
  • All New With Over 50 Combinations Fittings, Please Refer To The Images Closely To Configure The Board For Your Stroller
  • Thanks To The New Design Fittings Unlike Other Pram Boards On The Market, This Product Will Fit The Most Awkward Designs Due To Its Superior Fitting Design.
This Innovative But Practical Item Is For The Parent Who Has To Transport The Toddler Who Is Not Quite Ready For Walking For Periods.
It Is Easily Attached To Carriages Or Strollers.
  • Innovative And Original Design Yet Fully Improved To Fit Universally Most Strollers, Prams & Buggies.
  • Sturdy And Safe, Super Easy To Use With
  • Lightweight
  • Easily Attached To Carriages And Stroller 
  • Quick And Easy Removal
  • Easy To Clean And Wash 
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 22kg
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