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Baby Travel Buggy Stroller Board 
  • Luxury Isafe Segboard Step Sit Is A High Quality Stroller Pram Board - Fully Universal*
  • Super Easy To Attach & Detach, Wide & High Construction Allows Ease Of Use
  • Large Rubber Wheels With Suspension, Superbly Easy To Steer And Robust Costruction
  • No Tools Required, Can Be Fitted To Any Stroller Pram Or Buggy In Less Than 5 Minutes*, After You Read And Understand The Instructions :).
  • Accommodates Saddle & Saddle Plus With Ease, Sold Separately! But A Must Have Additional Accessory Especially When Out And About For Long Periods
  • The Segboard By iSafe fits 99% of buggies, prams, strollers and is compatible with more than 99% of latest products from isafe, obaby, hauck, icandy, graco, quinny and many more brands.
    • Fitting
    Sitting the Segboard Step Sit Board to your stroller/pram could not be easier:
    1. Simply install the wheels until you hear a click.
    2. Install the extendable arms.
    3. Install the connectors to your pram/buggy (find the most suitable place on the main support bars, close to the wheels)
    4. Attach the SegBoard to your pram/stroller.
    5. Make necessary adjustments to the level of the board.
    6. Adjust the length for easy walking.
    7. Make sure all the parts are fitted correctly and safely (do not over-tighten the parts)
    :) You are good to go!
    • Optional Accessories
    1. The Step/Sit Saddle provides fun when out and about about, the child can hold on to the handle whilst on sitting on the saddle. (Sold Separately)
    2. The Step/Sit Saddle Plus provides fun and support for the little ones, with a side and back support, harness and handle bar, (Sold Separately)
    • Safety First
    1. Your Child's Safety Is Your Responsibility!
    2. Take extra care when out and about on uneven surfaces, avoid using this product off road or take extra care when you do so.
    3. Take extra care when crossing the road! Make sure your child is off the SegBoard when going up and down the curbs.
    4. Do NOT use the SegBoard on escalators or moving platforms!
    5. For more safety tips please refer to the instructions manual.
    • Pros
    > The SegBoard is designed to help parents and toddlers when out and about.
    > Superior to its rivals, easy fitting and its design agility makes the SegBoard the best choice on the market today!
    < You may find it hard to "reverse" if the child is standing on it.